Savoirs inuit et recherche


Savoirs inuit et recherche



"Enlightening knowledge. Sharing, nurturing, and constructing Inuit knowledge"


Table-ronde organisée par la Chaire dans le cadre du 22e Congrès d'Études inuit à Winnipeg le 20 juin 2022 à 15h00.

Responsable: Catherine Dussault (étudiante au doctorat en sociologie, Université Laval) et Caroline Hervé (titulaire de la Chaire).

Invitées: Lisa Koperqualuk, Suzy Watt Kauki, Lizzie Aloupa.

Résumé: The use of ‘Inuit knowledge’ is now a commonplace in research, policy making, and resource management across the Arctic. However, fewer know about the complexity of Inuit knowledge and the specific connection to the world, to others and to the environment it institutes. Proof is that a plurality of actors not only uses a variety of terms to designate the concept (e.g.: Inuit knowledge, traditional knowledge, traditional ecological knowledge, local knowledge, Indigenous knowledge, etc.), but also use it to define a multiplicity of ideas, meanings, and experiences. Acknowledging the current polysemy of the concept, our roundtable aims to deepen our understanding of what counts as ‘Inuit knowledge’. More specifically, the aim of this workshop is to offer a space where Inuit can share stories, transmit knowledge, valorize their skills, and create meaning together, in their own terms and with their own words. By these means, we hope to valorize a wholistic conception of ‘Inuit knowledge’ that brings together its epistemology with its epistemology.

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