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Voix inuit

Témoignage de Lucy Grey, anciennement conseillère en recherche à l'Administration régionale Kativik.

Lucy Grey is the Inuit Research Advisor for Nunavik and shares her experience working with researchers in the region (Filmed in English with Inuktitut subtitles). She explains that historically, Inuit have been left out of research and that their knowledge has been considered "anecdotal". Research approaches are evolving, and finally Inuit are starting to be able to take a more active role in research. She describes two research projects that have successfully collaborated with Inuit in order to create knowledge that is beneficial to their communities (Nutaratsaliit qanuingisiarningit niqituinnanut and Qanuilirpitaa? 2017). Even with good relationships between scientists and Inuit, western researchers can still have their own biases that affect how they interpret the data, so it is very important to consider Inuit knowledge and perspectives in every step of the research process. Ultimately, when Inuit knowledge and scientific knowledge are merged, they give everyone a better understanding of our world.


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